Where to buy Fundy Designer for cheap?

Your website should reflect what you hope to sell. The second step is to use Fundy Designer along with Design Aglow frames and design a few wall art mockups. Fundy Designer has even included the Grab and Go collections in their Design Library as a free download. The Design Library also includes digital stock room images you can use to showcase frames.

Watch the video below on how to download and use the Grab and Go collections. Finally, use these photos and the wall mockups on your website and social media to illustrate your services. Always show what you want to sell. Simply export for the web in Fundy Designer and the mockup is ready for your website or social.

The Psychology of Sales In order for anyone to commit to a large purchase, they have to both envision themselves owning the product and they have to feel the worth. Once a client has decided they deserve your wall art, they must be able to picture themselves owning it. Our clients must be able to both envision and describe back to us where they would like to see their wall art.

The clients should view these fine art pieces as a way to decorate their home. Then after we know where a client is envisioning the photos in their home, we can shoot specifically for that collection. This feedback accomplishes two things: One of the paramount habits of successful people is to begin with the end in mind.

It also means that one of the first things that our clients should see is their options for their wall gallery. The very first time they see their photos, they need to see exactly what they look like in their home and on their walls. This allows you to engage your clients on a deeper, more emotional level, along with music if you wish. What makes the Fundy Designer slideshow unique is the ability to show both photos and completed album and wall art designs.

After you spend a few minutes designing five or six wall art options for your clients, you can create a slideshow that starts with the best photos from the session and ends with their wall art collections.

Here is a sample slideshow created and exported with Fundy Designer. Before starting a design consultation, you can create mockups in minutes. Help Clients Choose Their Favorites You can help clients choose their favorites with the modern client view window.

Scroll through their images with the left and right arrows and use the F key to tag client favorites with the heart icon. Then filter down to just the client favorites and place the photos in their favorite wall art collection. And, ensure clients walk away with fine art they will treasure for a lifetime. Test drive a free trial of Fundy Designer at www. Special thanks to The Harris Co.

Where to buy Fundy Designer for cheap? HOW IT WORKS

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Where to buy Fundy Designer for cheap?


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