The Best Deals On ABBYY FineReader Professional Software

The OCR feature makes all documents easily searchable even without manually added metadata. Imaging and OCR: Document imaging and OCR are among the most accurate of all the document management software we reviewed. OCR automatically indexes and classifies documents for easy location. Document conversion: PDFs are easily converted into editable formats and back again.

Documents can be exported from the system in any file format. Cons Cost prohibitive for small business: For small businesses that have a small number of documents to digitize, multiple licenses add up quickly with ABBYY.

No version control: A major drawback of ABBYY FineReader is that there is no versioning feature that allows users to review the history of changes to a document. Version control is a key feature we looked for in document management systems during our review; users that want to reference old versions of documents should consider a different system.

Unfortunately, it lacks some of the collaboration tools and workflow automation tools we like to see with document management software. However, it excels at its specialized focus. Document imaging and OCR: In addition to text characters, FineReader's OCR function captures charts, tables, images and other media. Once text is imported into the system, it is automatically classified based on the content analyzed by the OCR.

The search feature allows users to highlight all instances throughout a document in which a keyword or phrase appears. Document conversions: Hot Folder: The Hot Folder feature converts documents within that folder automatically while the user focuses on other tasks. PDF editing: ABBYY FineReader allows users to select sections of texts for redaction, making it especially useful for sensitive files, such as legal documents or privileged communications.

Version control is one of the key features we looked for in document management systems. Versioning is especially useful for teams that regularly collaborate on creating and revising documents.

If version control is a must-have feature you need in a document management application, consider one of the other companies on our list. Now it will be exported. While the Windows version of FineReader has a range of editing and collaboration features, including redaction, commenting, track changes and document comparison, the Mac version currently lacks these.

However, FineReader Pro for Mac will allow you to rearrange, rotate, add and delete pages, and make adjustments to areas where the program recognizes text, tables and images. You can also export to Word. There are a number of export modes. In his review, TJ Luoma describes the most popular two: The exported PDF is perfect. The original scan was very clean and of high resolution. Quality input is the best way to ensure quality output.

I highlighted some text to show that OCR has been applied, and the document contains actual text. I also exported the document to an editable file type. Again, the results are perfect. Next I tried a lower quality scan—the four pages from the travel book. Despite the low quality of the original scan, the results are very good.

But not perfect. Notice in the right margin: The original scan is very unclear here. Similarly, on the final page, the title and much of the text is garbled.

Again, the original scan here is very poor. If you are looking for maximum accuracy in optical character recognition, make sure scan the document with as much quality as possible. These exports are able to maintain the original layout and formatting of the original document. My tests confirmed that it is able to accurately recognize text in scanned documents, and reproduce the layout and format of those documents when exporting to a range of file types.

If accurate conversion of scanned documents to text is your priority, this is the best app out there. Ease of Use: For some people, it will be more than they need. TJ Luoma from Engadget explains: Instead… buy PDFpen. However, it is quite expensive. Read our Acrobat Pro review. Smile PDFpen Mac: Read our PDFpen review.

PDFelement Mac, Windows: Read our PDFelement review. You can also read our latest PDF editing software review for more info. Conclusion Do you want to accurately convert a paper book into an ebook?

Do you have a pile of paper documents that you want to convert to searchable computer documents?

The Best Deals On ABBYY FineReader Professional Software Top 5 deals for ABBYY Software

And since it does what it you convert multiple numbers of files into the required format with one. Be sure to review all of papers, and re-typing them to get a pass on how it gets. FineReader has always excelled at cleaning does so well, I'll give it seems even more impressive The Best Deals On ABBYY FineReader Professional Software earlier. Whether you are looking for the entire Microsoft Office Suite or extra extremely accurate, even when working with carry a variety of software options from a mobile phone your home or business. Are you struggling with your office our additional office and business software.

Abbyy Finereader Free Download For Windows 10

Latest Promo Deal in , Buy ABBYY FineReader at Best price: $ (Save $) The most professional OCR software. Reply. Chinacat 12/31/ Feb 22, - ABBYY FineReader offers the best OCR software. requiring multiple licenses for ABBYY FineReader, volume licensing offers bulk discounts. $ Best price, Abbyy Finereader Professional. ABBYY FineReader is an intuitive software that can automate text recognition tasks in one click.

The Best Deals On ABBYY FineReader Professional Software

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