Streets and Trips 2009 64 bit

Terry Marvin Hlavac jsnoik, yes, good suggestion with map feedback via Navteq website! I've sent my feedback in the past, still via their old website. It was a positive experience. GDT got purchased by Tele Atlas shortly after that. Abalester Thank you for the site welcome. I searched for an hour on the MSFT web site, and found nothing posted regarding the subjet. Naturally I do not want to purchase the program unless I can run it. I used to run Delorme's GPS, and may do so again, if it is supported. At present, I am still looking for a solution. Regards, Mike Flannigan taoyue Abalester, there are two issues here: Note that SP1 is required for bit but not for bit, so make sure you're up to date. If you've got another GPS puck, plug it in and see what happens. Streets and Trips 2009 64 bit it's a mainstream device, odds are that it will simply plug-and-play. Give that a whirl. That will give you the ultimate answer. Of course, if you have any problems, post them. It may be a simple fix that someone can guide you through. I don't believe that there is a version for sale, yet. I think Streets and Trips 2009 64 bit here is running the demo. And, of Streets and Trips 2009 64 bit, follow the directions above of those who are more familiar with Vista. Abalester Marvin, I do not currently own a GPS device, and would be interested in the download, but do not want to buy an earlier version that will be obsolete in a couple of months just to get the hardware. Thanks in advance for your reply. Originally Posted by taoyue In future versions, I hope there will be some tweaking of text-to-speech so that common highway abbreviations are not mispronounced. Microsoft has some tools to create a 'User Lexicon' file to properly read words that might not be interpreted correctly.

Streets and Trips 2009 64 bit


How to Map with Streets & Trips

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