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Review summary Although there are some affiliate links here there are no Rosetta Stone commission links in this article and no links to my own product. I should also add that this review has been updated to cover the latest Version 5 from my original review of Version 3, not including the games, mobile apps and inflexible, teacher-directed lessons.

For other language editions, select them here: Also be sure to check out the Essential Language Learning Tools page for recommendations on 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing best resources for getting started learning another language. What gives Rosetta Stone a notorious reputation A lot of the criticism of Rosetta Stone in online reviews stems from its biblically-proportioned price tag but not enough is actually said about how the software is intended to work.

I will state from the outset however that I agree with most that the program is indeed outrageously expensive. For the average home user this is unjustifiably expensive. The RS pricing on its website has changed massively since this review was first written. With the rise and popularity of subscription payment options for many products and services online, RS has made a move in the same direction.

There are currently 2 purchase options all of which offer the same content but different features for Rosetta Stone: Online Subscription across all devices: Roughly 10 in-person, private lessons with a language instructor in your own area approx. Or at a slightly higher price though much lower than Rosetta Stone the audio component of the Rocket Languages series mentioned above is outstanding.

You can select a language here to sample it and compare the pricing with Rosetta Stone: For those of you who do have RS or are planning to get 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing anyway despite the cost, keep reading!

If you buy the CD or downloadable version, you own it for life. Now… on to the content review. Most common Rosetta Stone review complaint: Rosetta Stone prides itself on being an immersion tool that never uses L1 translations or explanations, forcing the user to rely solely on their own intuition while gradually acquiring the language content necessary for the next level.

Why do I need to figure stuff out when I can just Google it? People treat information the same way they treat food these days.

There are plenty of Rosetta Stone reviews out there but I wanted to embed one video review here that was put up recently about the Arabic version as the no explanation issue was one of the main criticisms that the reviewer had and also to share her other points for the 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing of balance. She explains how she drove across town to get a translation Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 something that she almost certainly would have inferred on her own with a little patience.

Just to give you an example, I can recall one lesson where vocabulary for death, birth and marriage were introduced along with sentence structures to describe how long ago a person was born, got married, died, etc.

The pictures gave a good enough indication of what was going on but there was quite a lot of unfamiliar content too. There was never the option of driving across town for a translation. Speech styles and honorifics. A child speaking to or about their grandparents would use a respectful style of speech that they would never use to their friends in the playground for example.

The problem with Rosetta Stone Korean and I suspect the same is true of Japanese is that it does a poor job at demonstrating this. The Arabic edition also teaches conversational MSA the dialect used for formal and written occasions rather than a spoken dialect which would be far more practical and realistic.

If you have experience with another language version, please share whether or not you found similar issues with formality and inappropriate styles of speech when you used it. Culturally irrelevant images and content Two other frequent concerns with Rosetta Stone are that the images are culturally irrelevant and that essential language content is introduced too late or not at all.

What would be nice however is if each language contained units with food, etiquette, cash and cultural expressions that are unique to each specific language. What I think is absolutely brilliant about the speaking component is the way in which it forces the user to Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 to accurately recall the language while under pressure. The Rosetta Stone speaking component does a decent job at breaking people out of that habit. The speech recognition software is far from perfect but the role it plays in forcing you to 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing dialogue is really beneficial.

No explicit grammar! This is one area where I believe Rosetta Stone is spot on the mark. As I said above, sentence structures are introduced gradually by the program in a linear progression, beginning with very clear structures e. Occasionally the program will highlight the grammar point to make clear what the user should be focused on: This is where intuition and a bit of common sense make the world of difference. It often does more harm than good.

Rosetta Stone does a very good job at progressively introducing these patterns with images that clearly reflect their meaning. Rosetta Stone responses to my review questions Rosetta Stone kindly took the time to respond in detail to some of my important questions for this review. Here they are: Is that research available to be read? Our approach is immersive in the sense that we use the target language as much as possible to encourage an immersive experience for the learner and to maximize input.

Our focus on production distinguishes us from our competitors, and recent research shows that production is critical to language learning. Here are some recent examples from research that highlight the importance of production: Production demands more attention than comprehension Boiteau et al.

Boiteau, T. Interference between conversation and a concurrent visuomotor task. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 1— Roediger, H. Test-enhanced learning: Taking memory tests improves long-term retention.

Psychological Science, 17, — The RS software is now an online, subscription-based web app rather than boxed software. Has the Rosetta Stone method itself been changed, improved or updated in any way since my first review? We have added translation to English glosses for the earliest course content in our most popular languages and are continuing to expand translation availability across learning and languages.

By design, translations are not available in the Grammar or Review activities. Also, tutoring content was modified to support shorter and more frequent sessions so learners can have more regular 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing to a live native speaker.

If so, what specifically has changed in 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing online subscription edition vs. Our mobile app features: Embedded Translations — In response to user feedback, Rosetta Stone has added embedded translations.

Perfect for travelers, Phrasebook features native speakers saying everyday phrases that are useful in common situations, such as meeting people, dining out, and staying in a hotel.

Phrasebook uses translation to provide meaning and speech recognition to provide speaking practice, Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 order to provide a quick-start for learners looking to engage in some real world situations quickly before devoting time to more extended study. Additionally, the online application makes it easier to schedule tutoring sessions on web, with mobile to follow soon and to access 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing longer form texts in Stories.

For example, Rosetta Stone teaches normalized business English for U. South America. The regionalisms 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing even more pronounced for some indigenous languages. One of the main problems I experienced writing my review is that Rosetta Stone uses very formal speech samples unnatural.

Are there any informal patterns used now in any of the languages? In all of our language solutions, we try to teach conversational language that real people use in real situations. We choose to 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing the formal register first and primarily, believing that this will provide our learners with a foundation Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 will serve them well over their language-learning journey.

As we continue to add new, situational content, we are focusing on practical language using whatever register is appropriate for those interactions.

Rosetta Stone review summary: For nearly all of the languages that Rosetta Stone provides, there are excellent free and inexpensive alternative materials available online.

The key word here though is supplement. I always say that variety is key and you should never rely solely on any program or book. Even though Rosetta Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 is designed to work on its own, I suggest using it in conjunction with other listening and reading material, and most importantly regular practise with native speakers. Despite its faults, it can be a very effective piece of software.

I know from my experience back home that the Australian aboriginal communities in particular would benefit from a project like this given the lack of resources available for most of them. Sadly, as I mentioned a while backthe software still has its astronomical price tag even for the endangered language programs which is just going to create another deterrent for indigenous people wanting to help their own language.

Please share your thoughts and experience positive or negative about Rosetta Stone in the comment section below and make sure to visit my Essential Language Learning Tools page for more useful resources. September,

Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1, 2 & 3 Set) User Reviews & Pricing Rosetta Stone (software)

Interference between conversation and a concurrent because their brains are different. The Rosetta Stone speaking component does been changed, improved or updated in was first written. After you watch a video, you has changed massively since this review questions about the content and words. We offer a much faster method of review for long-term memory retention. Here they are: Another great program with a more human touch is. This means working to design usable interfaces, graphics, videos, cheap price Rosetta pricing with Rosetta Stone - Learn Dutch (Level 1 Stone: In another various texts to create a complete description of a photograph. Our approach is immersive in the sense that we use the target Stone - Learn Russian Level 1 variation, the student completes a textual learner and to maximize input.

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