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Start with a freeform shape that best represents the desired geometry box, sphere, cylinder, torus, or quadball. Investigate redesign possibilities without commitment. Then use the freeform edit tools to adjust the shape. Incorporating cable and harness runs into your 3D digital prototype enables you to calculate accurate path lengths, avoid small-radius bends, and ensure that electrical components fit into the mechanical assembly before manufacturing. AutoCAD Electrical software. Change imported base solid data. Freeform modeling shape creation Create organic shapes and incorporate freeform and parametric workflows in a single model. Use Direct Edit to: Integrated electrical and mechanical design Integrate electrical designs with cable and harness control systems using Inventor for routed systems, combined with AutoCAD Electrical software. Explore the redesign of parts in the context of the parent assembly, and align geometry on the active part with geometry from other nonassociative parts. The enhanced search capability now provides results for commands, help articles, support content, blog, and discussion groups, as well as YouTube posts, with a single click.

Purchase Product Design Suite Ultimate Software


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