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Other features may follow the Office trend of being individually subtle, but taken as a whole they add up to some worthy reasons to upgrade. The Ribbon menu spreads out more, resulting in fewer icons and more drop-down menus—slowly working its way back to the original menus from the beginning through Notice the difference between the and Ribbon and Tab menus. Here are PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95 menus from PowerPoint And here are the same menus in PowerPoint Notice the two new faces on the Ribbon: For example, type add animation or and several related options appear in a drop-down list.

Select an option and a submenu appears with features, additional options, instructions, or another submenu. In this case, the Animation submenu appears, displaying a variety of effects. Scroll through the list, or choose one of the More Effects submenus to see additional options. Next, the Share panel prompts you to invite people to share your projects.

To access your Outlook address book, click the small book icon on the right side of the Invite People PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95.

Once selected, click the PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95 field below Invite People field to give your collaborators different levels of access to the document, and enter a message if desired.

Finally, click Share. PowerPoint then sends an email to your colleagues, inviting them to view or edit the presentation. You can also attach a copy or a PDF of the presentation to the email. Also notice that when you export your presentation to video, you PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95 choose the file resolution based on the output PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95.

Smart Lookup aka Bing Insights This feature is an upgraded improvement of the previous Smart Lookup function inwith a new name: Bing Insights. Select a word or phrase from one of the slides, right-click it, then choose Smart Lookup from the drop-down menu. The Smart Lookup panel appears on PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95 right and displays several results of your search word with images if available.

Scroll down to view all results. Select a word, right-click, choose Smart Lookup The Smart Lookup panel provides two search criteria options: Explore for information and images or Define for definitions, synonyms, grammar options, and word origin.

Not a feature for everyone, but the Math geeks will like it. Morph transition The nuances of transitioning between slides can mean the difference between a lively, interesting presentation and a snoring audience. The new Morph transition makes the objects appear animated as they fade in and out of the frame. The slides must have one or more objects in common for it to work.

The easiest way to set up a Morph transition is to create all the objects on the first slide, then duplicate that slide as many times as needed. Then move the objects around, delete some of them, or rearrange the order so the objects appear to dance around the screen from one slide to the next.

If PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95 custom work is required, it takes far less effort to click through a color palette than it does to wade through all the effects. Draw a shape. Think of it as a your personal advisor who looks over your shoulder and provides ideas for better presentations. As soon as you Insert an image, the Design Ideas panel opens on the right, offering several layout options for the design of the current slide.

Select a layout, then continue adding more content to your slide. If none of the Design Ideas appeal to you, then close the panel and create your own layouts. When the spreadsheet or table pops up, enter the chart data and watch the image change right before your eyes. Click the paintbrush to modify the style and color.

PowerPoint 2016 Software Price $59.95


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