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American History Revisited: The ancient anointed ones were literally drenched in this potent mixture. They point to versions calling for fragrant cane, which they say was mistakenly changed to the plant calamus in the King James version of the Bible.

Richards, estimates that the events of the Book of Exodus occurred around BC. Prescriptions for cannabis in Ancient Egypt include treatment for the eyes glaucomainflammation, and cooling the uterus, as well as administering enemas.

Cannabis begins to be used in India to treat a wide variety of human maladies. People believed it could quicken the mind, prolong life, improve judgment, lower fevers, induce sleep and cure dysentery The first major work to lay out the uses of cannabis in [Indian] medicine was the Ayurvedic [a system of Indian medicine] treatise of Sushruta Samhita written in BC Within the Sushrita, cannabis is cited as an anti-phlegmatic and a cure for leprosy.

Marijuana as Medicine: Beyond the Controversy, "In a compendium of drug recipes compiled in 1 AD [Pen Ts'ao Ching], based on traditions from the time of Shen Nung, marijuana is depicted as an ideogram [pictorial symbol] of plants drying in a shed. This ancient text Likewise, after Jesus' passing, James suggests that anyone of the Christian community who was sick should call to the elders to anoint him with oil in the name of Jesus. I think so. The word Christ does mean 'the anointed one' and Bennett contends that Christ was anointed with chrism, a cannabis-based oil, that caused his spiritual visions.

The ancient recipe for this oil, recorded in Exodus, included over 9lb of flowering cannabis tops known as kaneh-bosem in Hebrewextracted into Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta hin about 11? The mixture was used in anointing and fumigations that, significantly, allowed the priests and prophets to see and speak with Yahweh. Residues of cannabis, moreover, have been detected in vessels from Judea and Egypt in a context indicating its medicinal, as well as visionary, use.

Jesus is described by the apostle Mark as casting out demons and healing by the use of this holy chrism. Earlier, from the time of Moses until the later prophet Samuel, holy Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta oil was used by the shamanic Levite priesthood to receive the 'revelations of the Lord'.

The chosen ones were drenched in this potent cannabis oil. Der Wiener Dioskurides: Published about AD 70 it became the most important medical tome of the next years.

Irrefutably included in it was cannabis, both kannabis emeros and kannabis agria, the male and female respectively.

Dioscorides stated bluntly that the plant which was used in the making of rope also produced a juice that was used to treat earache and suppress sexual longing. A History, 79 - Pliny the Elder Writes about Medicinal Properties of Cannabis Plant "Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman nobleman, scientist, and historian, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta of Naturalis Historia 79 AD[writes] that 'The roots [of the cannabis plant] boiled in water ease cramped joints, gout too and similar violent pain.

Their applications tended to stress the late effects, rather than the early ones, so Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta used it, for instance, as a means of reducing sexuality rather than increasing it.

William Turner, the naturalist considered the first English botanist, praises it in his New Herball, published in Marijuana continues to be used in China as a folk remedy for diarrhea and dysentery and to stimulate to appetite.

The pipe bowls and stems had been obtained by Thackeray on loan from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon. Several of the pipes had been excavated from the garden of William Shakespeare. Results of this study including 24 pipe fragments indicated Cannabis in eight samples, nicotine from tobacco leaves of the kind associated with Raleigh in at least one sample, and in two samples definite evidence for Peruvian cocaine Thackeray unpublished manuscript suggests that Shakespeare preferred Cannabis as a stimulant which had mind-stimulating properties.

Indeed, in'Virginia awarded bounties for hemp culture and manufacture, and imposed penalties on those who did not produce it. Culpeper's preparation probably had little psychoactivity as native cannabis grown in northern latitudes has relatively low tetrahydrocannabinol THC content. According to his agricultural ledgers, he had a particular interest in the medicinal use of Cannabis, and several of his diary Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta indicate that he indeed was growing Cannabis with a high Tetrahydrocannabinol THC content - marijuana.

Click picture for full page. Library of Congress accessed Aug. Some have pointed to a supposed reference in Jefferson's Farm Book to separating male and female hemp plants as evidence that he was cultivating it for purposes of recreational smoking; no such reference exists in Jefferson's Farm Book or any other document, although George Washington did record such a thing in his own diary Click for full page.

Thomas Jefferson Papers: In addition to discovering the Rosetta Stone, the team brings cannabis back to France in Project Gutenberg, gutenberg. W[illiam] O'Shaughnessy, an army surgeon who had served in India. In Victorian times it was widely used for a variety of ailments, including muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, rheumatism, and the convulsions of tetanus, rabies and epilepsy; it was also used Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta promote uterine contractions in childbirth, and as a sedative to induce sleep.

It is said to have been used by Queen Victoria against period pains: It was administered by mouth, not by smoking, but usually in the form of a tincture an extract in alcohol. Cannabis extracts were also incorporated in many different proprietary medicines. Cannabis," UK Parliament website, Nov. American Journal of Psychiatry accessed Aug. Studies in the s by a French doctor by the name of Jacques-Joseph Moreau [a French psychiatrist] found that marijuana suppressed headaches, increased appetites, and aided people to sleep.

Patented marijuana tinctures were sold Birch in The Lancet, then as now one of the world's leading medical journals, outlined the application of cannabis for the treatment of opium and chloral hydrate withdrawal symptoms: Other beneficial effects attributed to cannabis are prevention of insomnia, relief of anxiety, protection against cholera, alleviation of hunger and as an aid to concentration of attention.

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta was, and still is, widely used in rural areas of the Indian subcontinent [South Asia] for asthma, bronchitis and loss of appetite.

The basis of the law rested on the regulation of product labeling rather than pre-market approval. That for the purposes of this Act an article shall also be deemed to be misbranded In andalcohol prohibition initiatives would make the state ballot. Meanwhile, the legislature was tackling such morals issues as prostitution, racetrack gambling, prizefighting, liquor, and oral sex.

Amidst this profusion of vices, Indian hemp [aka cannabis] was but a minor afterthought… states banned cannabis in the Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta As in California, these laws were passed not due to any widespread use or concern Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta cannabis, but as regulatory initiatives to discourage future use. Harrison D-NY introduced three bills in to remedy the [drug] problem by controlling the domestic manufacture of opium and by regulating the international opium trade.

According to his bills, opium could be imported or exported only for medicinal purposes. Harrison also proposed that the government ' The Harrison Act, as the final proposal was known, required every physician who prescribed opium or any of its derivatives to put a serial number, which could only be obtained from the Internal Revenue Department, on each prescription Every doctor who wished to prescribe narcotics Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta required to register annually with the federal government.

Other states quickly followed suit with marijuana prohibition laws, including WyomingTexasIowaNevadaOregonWashingtonArkansasand Nebraska Drug WarRant. Pharmacopoeia, which specified that it come from flowering tops of the Indian variety Finally, inthe U.

Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry announced it had succeeded in growing domestic cannabis of equal quality to the Indian. When foreign supplies were interrupted by World War I, the United States became self-sufficient in cannabis. Bysome 60, pounds were being produced annually, all from pharmaceutical farms east of the Mississippi. The convention authorizes the use of "Indian hemp" cannabis only for scientific and medical purposes.

Restrictions on importing and exporting cannabis resin are put into place. This convention is the first multilateral treaty that deals with cannabis. By the s at least two American companies — Parke-Davis and Eli Lily — were selling standardized extracts of marijuana for use as an analgesic, an antispasmodic and sedative.

Beyond the Controversy, - Harry J. Anslinger Appointed Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics "InCongress consolidated the drug control effort in the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, led by the endlessly resourceful commissioner, Harry Jacob Anslinger, who became the architect of national prohibition.

His case rested on two fantastical assertions: Sensationalistic stories linked violent acts to cannabis consumption Many of the most outlandish stories appeared in newspapers published by William Randolph Hearst. Hearst reportedly had financial interests in the lumber and paper industries. He may have sought to eliminate competition from hemp.

William Randolph Hearst was an up-and-coming newspaper tycoon, owning twenty-eight newspapers by the mids Hearst then dropped the words cannabis and hemp from his newspapers and began a propaganda campaign against 'marijuana,' following in Anslinger's footsteps A Complete Guide to Cannabis: The Narcotics Bureau itself never provided any official estimate.

The Bureau spoke only of 'widespread use During the Bureau headlined the marihuana danger in its report ["Traffic in Opium and Other Dangerous Drugs," ]. For the first time it urged federal controls and presented a description of the vice, describing dire mental and moral changes among users.

Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta decline in medicine was hastened by the development of aspirin, morphine, and then other opium-derived drugs, all of which helped to replace marijuana in the treatment of pain and other medical conditions in Western medicine. Reefer Madness began its cinematic life as a cautionary film entitled Tell Your Children.

It was financed by a small church group, and was intended to scare the living bejeezus out of every parent who viewed it. Soon after the film was shot, however, it was purchased by the notorious exploitation film maestro Dwain Esper Narcotic, Marihuana, Maniacwho took the liberty of cutting in salacious insert shots and slapping on the sexier title of Reefer Madness, before distributing it on the exploitation circuit The last witness to be heard was Dr.

William C. He announced his opposition to the bill Marihuana, he Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta, was largely an unknown quantity, but might have important uses in medicine and psychology.

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Microsoft Office Project Professional 2010 para la venta

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