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Parametric constraints Express tools Text settings: With text settings, you can create multiline texts, known as mtext, or single texts in the shape of a single text object. This feature also allows you to format the texts, boundaries, and columns.

With this particular feature you would be able to create dimensions and that too in an automatic manner. Here all you need to do is pass a cursor over certain selected objects so that you can get a preview of the same before you actually go ahead and create it. This particular feature allows you to create leaders that have a variety of content such as blocks and texts.

This way, you can define styles and format leader lines with a great deal of ease. Centerlines and center mark: With the centerlines and center marks feature you would be able to create them and edit them as well.

The best part of this is that they would move automatically when you move the objects that are associated with them.

The tables feature allows you to create tables that contain symbols and data. You can arrange them in columns and rows. You can also apply formulas over here and establish a link to an MS Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Revision clouds: With this feature, you can draw revision clouds around the fresh changes that you have made in a drawing. This helps you identify your updates within a short period as well.

This feature allows you to save views with respect to name. This way you can return to them easily to get a certain view that helps you get a reference within a short span of time. You can also apply them for the purpose of applying to the layout viewports. With this feature you would be able to specify the size of the drawing sheet that you are going to use for your present work.

You can also add a title block and shows various views of your model at the same time thanks to this particular feature. Here you can use fields in text objects to show text, which you would be able to update automatically with each and every change in your field value.

Data linking: The data linking feature enables you to make simultaneous updates. You can do so by creating a live link within a table that you may be drawing and an MS Excel spreadsheet.

Data extraction: With the help of the data extraction feature you can get information from objects, attributes, and blocks, and this includes drawing information as well. Dynamic blocks: The dynamic blocks let you add intelligence and flexibility to your block references. This includes changing the likes of shape, configuration, and size.

By using arrays you would be able to modify and create objects in rectangular or circular patterns. You would also be able to do so along a path. Parametric constraints: With this particular feature you would be able to apply dimensional and geometric constraints.

This would also help you maintain the relationships between the various geometric drawings that you may do on your AutoCAD. Express tools: These are basically a collection of productivity related tools that help you make the software itself a lot more powerful. You get the following features under 3D three dimensional modelling and visualization: Solid, surface, and mesh modelling 3D navigation orbit, ViewCube, wheel Visual styles.

Low Cost AutoCAD Electrical 2019 Software


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