How to Purchase Acrobat XI Standard?

Almost all office workers now outgrow the free Adobe Reader and need access to the full Acrobat program to create PDFs, scan documents, fill forms, convert PDFs to Word format, and more. Acrobat has always been expensive but it is slightly more bearable now that Adobe has changed its licensing model to monthly subscriptions. Let me lead you through a couple of ways to get Acrobat. Keep an eye out as you go down the options to configure the system. Most offices can live with the features in the Standard edition instead of the Pro edition but you may want to check this comparison of the two products. The biggest downside: That may not seem like a problem but Adobe has been playing a game for years: Similarly, Acrobat X does not integrate with Office , leaving a lot of businesses fuming. The bundled licenses with scanners and computers are also frozen at a particular version, of course. When the integration breaks, you lose the convenient buttons at the top of the Office programs to create PDFs with a single click, and you lose the ability to create PDFs from Outlook messages and folders. The monthly subscription is expensive but it guarantees access to the latest version of Acrobat during the life of the subscription. Adobe requires you to have an Adobe ID to enter the Adobe Store — an email address and password that you will use for your entire relationship with Adobe. Although you may never use anything except the Acrobat program, Adobe has an entire ecosystem and longs to compete with Microsoft, Google and Apple to lock you into its cloud services and programs. The subscription can be used on two computers. You can use the program as long as the subscription is current; the programs will go dead if you let the subscription lapse. You will be able to upgrade when Adobe releases new versions of Acrobat. The tricky part comes after you sign up for the subscription and you want to install the program. I have not been able to find anywhere on the Adobe. That leads to trial versions and has nothing for you. Lots of information about the money you spent but no information about how to download the program. The answer is contained in the email sent to you after your order — and only in the email. Go to https: I want Acrobat.

How to Purchase Acrobat XI Standard? New Adobe Acrobat XI (Acrobat 11) is Here! Standard, Pro, & Reader

By visiting www! After starting the application on a: See Also. Compare the differences between editions: The programs integrate with each other How to Purchase Acrobat XI Standard? professionals frequently use several of them. Also included is a version of the capture tool for installation on Unix systems! Adobe Elements 7. Adobe Products and technical support periods https: New solutions to conquer document exchange in a multi-device world. Acrobat XI Pro vs.

How to Purchase Acrobat XI Standard?


Instalación de Adobe Pro XI

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