How much is it for - Photoshop for Designers: Layer Effects?

Back to Blog Judging by the amount of love it gets in all the design media, it seems like Photoshop is the perfect design tool. All kidding aside, a program that was once initially built as a photo editor and image manipulator and a great one, at that has slowly evolved into a bloated, sluggish, and overstuffed Swiss Army Knife sort of tool that tries to be everything to everyone. So what do we get in Photoshop? Layers, Folders, Groups, and Smart Objects. Which one do I use for a state change? What about a dropdown? Do I build all my pages in one file or as separate files? Do I use a group, a Smart Object, or a folder for this button? What about the header image? The language used in Photoshop does not translate to the language used in building a website, and this causes inconsistency and confusion between projects. Terrible vector management Creating vector images is a necessary skill that designers need to learn to create scalable elements, like graphics and logos. And once you have experienced a real vector workflow using a tool like Adobe Illustrator you will wonder how you ever put up with the counter-intuitive vector tools inside of Photoshop. Standard vector elements are styled and controlled using entirely different sub-menus and dialog boxes, and you have extremely limited control over what you can do with them without using Layer Styles. Want to draw something custom with the pen tool? Terrible color management Noticing a theme here? A good design program makes it easy to see which Hex color has been used on which element, and extrapolate that easily to CSS for building the actual site. Vector layer? Smart Object?

How much is it for - Photoshop for Designers: Layer Effects?


How Photoshop layer effects work - tutorial

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