How Can I buy SpeedGrade CC 2014 permanently?

Also, the same question the other way around, as I'd rather export from Premiere. So, what would I export out of for best results on Final Cut? To the other person, the subscription is not bad for me, as I am mostly a photographer, I just hobby in video. So, I get photoshop and lightroom. When a new version comes out, I automatically get it. Same with premiere and speed grace CC. There is a new version about to come out of Premiere Pro anytime now, you need to google it and look at the color features. They included a ton from SpeedGrade. I use speed grade to color grade after color correcting in Premiere. However, I believe I will be able to do both in premiere when this new version comes out, if you look at a video of it, it will blow your mind if you are like me and care a lot about color grading. Basically, because I'm a professional in photography, one of the things I enjoy now that cameras have video, is to basically do photography with video. In other words, if I go to take landscape photo's of a beautiful area, I also take video of that landscape. Now, the Raw photo, I can make look amazing of that landscape, but in Final Cut Pro X, I could never make the video look flat out amazing. I could make it look okay. In fact, the features even look the same, as they are both made by adobe. You get RGB curves. So, say I want to boost the blues in my mids, but a very specific part of my minds, not ALL Of my minds, I could do so.

How Can I buy SpeedGrade CC 2014 permanently?


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