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Without bookmarks, finding a specific subheading in a PDF file a mere 10 pages in length can be a minor exercise in frustration, even for advanced users. If the PDF is very long, or serves a reference document where swift access to any subsection is at a premium, frustration can quickly grow.

The real value of bookmarks for everyday document navigation is illustrated in Bookmarks: Why and How. In addition to document-navigation needs, bookmarks deliver other advanced functionality through a smooth, consistent, omnipresent and therefore familiar interface. Beyond hierarchical tables of contents, bookmarks can easily unify navigation among multiple PDFs into a single, simple interface, provide a index of tables, figures, part numbers and so on.

Bookmarks have even been used as triggers for audio commentary. Some authors dispense with the toolbar altogether, opting to offer bookmarks as the ONLY interface for the functions they consider desirable. The possibilities are almost endless. The best possible place and time to create PDF bookmarks is when authoring the document. Those with PDF-aware applications, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe FrameMaker, have the most control, and may use elements such as headings, tables and other structural features to create their bookmarks.

Most PDF files do not include bookmarks. This is a pity, because they are so easy to add, and because the real-world usability of longer PDF files suffers significantly by their absence. The effort involved in bookmarking is properly regarded as a capital expense, enjoying a sustained payoff over the lifetime of the file in terms of reduced time required for searches, reduced print costs people are less included to print PDFs they can quickly navigate on screen and happier, less frustrated users.

Automated bookmark creation on untagged or poorly tagged PDF files presents a number of difficulties. There are other challenges as well, including multi-line headings, font encoding, multi-column pages, section enumeration, actual page vs.

The upshot is that none of the tools listed may be counted upon to work in all situations. PDFs are just too variable — may be authored in any number of non-standard ways that defy the automation. Adobe Acrobat Acrobat Standard and Professional provide three basic methods for the creation of navigational bookmarks, summarized as follows: Bookmarks from Office, Bookmarks from structure and manual bookmarking.

This approach is, in a sense, ideal, because changes to the original document need not force the user to re-create the bookmarks as a separate operation to creating a new PDF. However, in order to get good results, it is vital to ensure that your Word file is properly structured, with consistent usage of headings or styles.

In Outlook, MakePDF uses e-mail header information to generate superb e-mail archives, comprehensively organized using bookmarks. Bookmarks from structure Acrobat Professional allows the user to tag the content in PDF files for enhanced accessibility and compliance with Section Once tagged, bookmarks for these files may be generated from the tag structure.

Manual bookmarking Finally, Acrobat facilitates bookmark creation through a manual process. Key Aerialist features include: Split files by bookmark and bookmark level and combine files, including the bookmarks Export bookmarks from the open file, which may then be imported into any other PDF Import bookmarks from a simple-to-create database Find and replace text, text attributes and even functions from the contents of the Bookmarks pane.

This detail is exceptionally helpful when documents are imperfectly authored and inconsistent The ability to make most of the above functions operate via a batch process We find Aerialist easy to use and reasonably reliable. Far more than bookmarking, the product offers a broad menu of PDF-management tools that extend or enhance the Acrobat application in many ways. The Build Bookmarks engine is particularly effective and flexible. Highly recommended.

However, it does do navigational bookmarks very well, with detailed bookmark-creation options and subtle features rivaled only by ISIToolBox.

Cheapest way to purchase ARTS PDF Aerialist Professional Review: PDF Bookmarks – Surveying the Options

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cheapest way to purchase ARTS PDF Aerialist Professional

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