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Mac OS X Mac with G4 or faster. None I have been interested in voice recognition software for a while but never played with it. There are two pieces to the iListen setup experience: No problems there. The other part of the game is making sure you have an approved microphone.

I did not anticipate this issue, and it delayed my using the software for several days. If you purchase the software directly from MacSpeech, they include an approved microphone. Since my copy was not purchased this way, I had to scramble for a microphone. Do not assume the microphone or headset you already have will work—MacSpeech has only approved a limited number of units that will work well.

Their instructions say that it is possible other microphones will work, but they will not promise excellent results, and they will not provide support. Once you have the software installed and the proper microphone plugged in, you read a story.

You read a story to iListen, so it can hear what you sound like and how you pronounce words. You will go through the document and make corrections, and read another story or two. Or half a dozen. It depends on how good your accuracy rate is. I read two training panels and was using an unapproved microphone—but it is a relatively high-end model, the Plantronics GameCom Pro 1.

I tried to shush the cat during training, but then decided he would be commenting other times, so I might as well let iListen include him in its analysis. I did not look at the screen while dictating, as that messes with your head on the delay. The software works by translating your spoken words into text. It starts with a profile based on your gender and the language you speak. I suppose men with high voices and women with low voices might need more tweaking, if the software expects certain inflections.

My voice is low for a woman, so that may have influenced some of my misunderstandings. Most of us have to read behind ourselves when we write, anyway. It is still miles ahead of where we were a few years ago. Half a dozen training stories at a pop is about all I recommend, as your voice tires.

Some of the training stories are a good bit longer, so pay attention to your throat. Some of the errors between my third and fourth training stories changed, making me think I had gone too long for the software to understand me.

The microphone is to be positioned very near your mouth, so it is very sensitive to your voice but not to other sounds. I experimented with having someone talk as he walked behind me while I was dictating. The microphone did pick up his voice when he was within two feet, but not much beyond that. I may set up a profile for the other person, though.

He set type for many years but his typing is iffy. Maybe it was because he worked upside down and backwards all those years. He might like to speak aloud his e-mails. I like this program very much. It is fun to see that we are living in the world our science fiction writers dreamed for us decades ago.

I will use this product on my next research paper for graduate school. I have already begun it. The course is Philosophy of Mind; I am eager to see if using this tool changes the way I write or think. If you spend a lot of time writing, you should consider this product. It is a smidge pricy for my taste, but we get what we pay for, and there is a reason some stuff costs a lot. I could see it being helpful for someone writing a sermon or speech, who thinks best aloud rather than in print.

Using this software would allow such a thinker to speak an idea rather than trying to construct it in letters. If you are a walk-around thinker, though, you will need a long cord, as iListen does not yet support any Bluetooth microphones.

I am not sure this software would be a great idea in an office or other environment with several people talking. You would need to test it with an approved microphone to know whether the background voices would be a problem. The folks this software would be best for, though, are those who have typing issues.

I have a wonderful friend with occasional finger problems due to a medical condition, and if he does not already have software like this, I will encourage him to explore it. Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone.

cheapest way to buy Infinite Skills - Learning FileMaker Pro 12


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