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While skills adopted in Final Cut Pro are just as useful in Premiere or Avid, consumer video editors all require an unreasonable amount of adaptation. The learning curve winds up being worse than just going with the professional grade stuff to begin with. The best of a bad bunch, Pinnacle Studio 14 actually did a pretty reasonable job of streamlining the video editing process.

Enter Cyberlink PowerDirector 9. PowerDirector 9 makes me wonder where I was for entries one through eight, because at least on the cover, Cyberlink is leveraging some pretty awesome stuff for version 9. The checkboxes just in terms of the technology are impressive: I found Pinnacle to be a robust piece of kit, but PowerDirector 9 is actually remarkably logical.

From the moment you open the program, it drops you into what will hopefully be familiar territory: Cyberlink breaks things down into four subsections: Capture, Edit, Produce, and Create Disk, but the entire layout struck me as being incredibly thoughtful.

PowerDirector 9 gives you only as much information as you need to get footage into your project. Timeline organization is mostly logical, and Cyberlink wisely pairs the audio and video tracks together while still giving them separate timelines. Right-click and you can choose to unlink them and edit them separately. You can always add more sets of timelines, but what really struck me is what happens when you click on a clip on the timeline: The lower on the timeline a clip is, the higher the layer it is in the rendered video.

If one video is on top of the other on the timeline, it stands to reason that it should also be on top of the other in the monitor, but the program actually stacks them the opposite way. For editing in Premiere Pro, I stretch the main window across two screens then use the third as a pure playback monitor. In PowerDirector 9, you can actually set it to use a secondary screen as a playback monitor.

Within each format are presets you can choose from, and some of these can actually be hardware-accelerated through using an NVIDIA or AMD video card, or even the integrated hardware encoder block on the upcoming Core Intel processors.

Encoding here is hardware accelerated, too. Facebook is becoming a popular way to share video and, again, PowerDirector 9 keeps rendering simple.

Even beyond those underpinnings, PowerDirector 9 boasts a smart, usable interface that should make video editing neophytes feel right at home.

PowerDirector 9 is a little more complex, but the layout is smart, thoughtful, and polished. The suite is complete in a way that feels organic, and it easily earns my recommendation.

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Cheap PowerDirector 9


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