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In the question slide, enter the following answers and ensure that choice B the correct answer is selected: Navigate to the second multiple choice question slide and enter the following question: Which of the following are types of Captivate projects that you can create?

Pick all that apply. In the Quiz Inspector, click the default number of answers 2 and change this to 4. Also, to allow the user to pick all that apply, check Multiple Answers. In the question slide, enter the following answers and ensure that the corresponding choices are selected: You can change this, and other, quiz settings in Captivate: When you reach the first question, pick an answer and then proceed to the second question.

After you're done with both the questions, Captivate will check your answers and give you the results in the Quiz Results slide. Add Fill-in-the-blank questions If the choices for a question are too obvious, fill-in-the-blank is another method to check user input. Let's add a fill-in-the-blank question to our project. In the question slide, enter the following statement in the text area overwriting the placeholder text: Type the blank phrase: Use the Themes option in the toolbar to change the overall appearance of your Captivate project.

In the Quiz Inspector, click Mark Blank. Notice that the word Themes is now underlined. It indicates that the word Themes will appear as blank for users to fill in. We can also apply a few settings to the word. Let's do that. Click the word Themes.

The following pop-up box is displayed: Let's provide some flexibility for the user input. This is especially true for freelancers who move from project to project. How often you plan to upgrade. When you buy using the subscription model, all upgrades are included. If you buy the software outright, you have to pay extra for each upgrade.

Currently, you can only get the upgrade price if you are upgrading from Captivate 7 to Captivate 8. This might be reason to switch to the subscription model. If you buy the software and then buy the upgrades, you can continue to use all the versions. This is especially helpful for external vendors like us. We have client who owns Captivate 6, so she asks us to do all of her work in Captivate 6 so she can make edits herself.

I still have 4, 5, 5. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. Please help improve this article if you can. March Adobe Captivate release August The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including creating Virtual Reality VR projects for immersive eLearning, creating interactive videos for your demos, enhancements to Fluid Boxes, Live Device Previews for your VR projects and responsive courses, smart video recording that includes your webcam feed, and converting your PowerPoint presentations to responsive projects.

Adobe Captivate release April The release of Adobe Captivate adds new features including improvements in responsive design through the use of Fluid Boxes and text scaling, the ability to save legacy non-responsive projects as responsive, integration of Adobe's Typekit to increase the range of fonts available to users, and the ability to customize closed captioning Adobe Captivate 9 August Adobe Captivate 9 adds new features including multi state objects, improved effects and motion paths, creating a content draft on an iOS device, and publishing to the new Adobe LMS known as Captivate Prime.

Adds the integration of eLearning Brothers Templates. Enhanced accessibility support. Interactions library.

Captivate 4 price Adobe Captivate Prime

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