Can you purchase Cinemagraph Pro outright?

This also means you can now share beautiful cinemagraphs that will change the way you market on Snapchat. Marketers are already embracing this opportunity by sharing their own uniquely made cinemagraphs to showcase products, strengthen their brand and naturally inject their storytelling into their two-way conversations with their audience. Click the image below to check out how Toronto startup inkbox is using cinemagraphs to bring their Snapchat to life in an entirely new way. Staying personable on a platform where personality reigns is critical to leveraging Snapchat for your brand.

Like inkbox, brands can create and share sophisticated content that extends their narrative without losing their authenticity. Here are a few reasons why cinemagraphs should be your first choice when it comes to upping your Snapchat game with Memories.

Cinemagraphs are dazzling. They capture and hold our attention with their alluring quality. But, what exactly is a cinemagraph? Cinemagraph created using Flixel Cinemagraph Pro by Philipp Frank Maybe you just stumbled upon cinemagraphs; you want to figure out what they are, and how to use them as a part of your business.

Whatever your reason, this post should give you some clarity about this fast-growing new medium, and why the cinemagraph has taken its rightful place alongside photography and video. What is a Cinemagraph? Often described as Harry Potter-like moving images, cinemagraphs are a magical hybrid of photography and video.

It's never been easier to create beautiful professional grade Cinemagraph images. Intuitive Creation. Fast Results. I first approached Cinemagraph Pro without visiting their tutorial in an effort to test how intuitive the software really is. The layout is incredibly simple and as someone who's accustomed to using Adobe Creative Suite, I found myself over-analyzing what I was suppose to do. After a few minutes I understood the program and began creating a basic workflow.

Flixel boasts that it's intuitive and fast, and I agree: Once I was familiar with the software, I could create interesting Cinemagraphs in under ten minutes.

The video file opens. Pretty simple, pretty easy, on the top left you've got the Trim tool video editing tool , Mask tool to determine what area to keep in motion , the Loop tool have your Flixel repeat , and the Effects tool color filters I brought my trimmed section into effects and chose an effect called Process, on the right you can see some of the color filters provided. The first step is to import your source footage. Once you have a new Cinemagraph document open, you can then begin manipulating it.

In my example, I have some stock footage of some ocean birds. The camera was locked off to capture just the movement of the birds and the waves. I decided I wanted to isolate the waves from the birds.

can you purchase Cinemagraph Pro outright?


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