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Tech Support says this is part of the install process with v4. I don't know about everyone here but I've been a registered user since v1.

Thanks but no comments about clones, etc. So, if this is the direction for ProSoft i. Additionally, ClamXAV although not free anymore is unobtrusive. No association with any software companies. The company is snotty and has horrible customer support.

All they want is your money. To sum it up, their product makes windows and microsoft seem a delight to install support and speak with. The app is developed by Prosoft Engineering.

Drive Genius is a Mac protection software with 18 essential features Add, delete, hide, expand or shrink OS X partitions so you can organize your Mac hard drive more efficiently. Most recent updates of keygens, cracks, serials for apps, programs and games! No Torrents!. I'll be testing v and will post my critique.

DiskGuardian applications, along with some new features, into an application called Drive Genius. Prosoft Engineering. Most Helpful Reviews MacUpdate most helpful reviews user icon.

Drive Genius 3 is the next step in Prosoft Engineering's award winning drive maintenance and Defrag: Defragment OS X drives for optimum performance. Each module presents an option to choose a drive, volume or files and folders on the right, depending on the utility's purpose.

Options available for each utility appear in the main window with simple instructions. A question mark icon on the bottom right opens the help file. The simple Preferences offer three options.

You can choose to show the custom animation of data moving around a disk as a tool works, check for updates, and turn on email notification when a tool finishes its task. This last preference is a subtle reminder that many of the functions take a significant amount of time to run.

The Modules The Information module provides a complete description of your hard drive, probably more information than you want.

The balance of the modules are best run after you backup your data, in case of unexpected problems. Scan, Integrity Check, and Benchtest run read and write tests on your hard drive. They check for bad blocks, the health of your hardware, and in Benchtest, test the drives read and write speeds. As these tests sort of hammer on your drive, any electrical interruption or serious drive problem can result in data loss.

That's one good reason to make sure you have a good backup or copy of your drive on hand. The Duplicate module can create a backup for you, but as with many of these tools, it will not copy your current start-up drive unless you start from a different drive. Duplicate creates a bit-by-bit copy of your drive, so you must use a blank drive of equal or greater size to use it.

It's actually best to use the Drive Genius startup disk from which to run most of the tools. These tests chew through quite a bit of time, so make sure you run the programs when you don't need the machine for a number of hours. The problem I often solve using Drive Genius 3 is a slow drive and one that mysteriously is eating up space at a surprising rate. That's where DriveSlim and Defrag come in handy. DriveSlim is useful to search for large files, duplicate files over 1 MB, Unused Localizations language files you don't need , Universal Binaries, and Cache and Temporary files you no longer need.

I'm not quite sure I understand how it works though. I wasn't happy with the way DriveSlim displays the information, I found that it showed duplicates that were not, but only with files over MB.

On one drive, using Mac OS X

Buy Prosoft Engineering Drive Genius 3 mac os

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