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Design better. Benefits Open up new market opportunities with more realistic product designs Lower part costs without sacrificing product quality Get products to market faster with innovative visual management of complex design data Simplify migration of competitive data to speed adoption of a stable CAD platform while protecting intellectual property Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 Over customer requests satisfied Advances in assembly, stylized Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 and sheet metal design expand the breadth of 3D models Summary Industry-leading Solid Edge ST6 software satisfies over customer requests that help companies design better products and complete projects faster while minimizing costs.

This release promotes design of a wider variety of products from stylized ergonomic parts to stamped sheet metal components; optimizes part fit and position using automated tools; facilitates visual understanding and management of complex design data and engineering changes; and advances bulk migration of existing intelligent models to Solid Edge.

Taking design to a new level New design and collaboration tools offer better ways to create and document assemblies, stylized consumer parts and sheet metal components. Coupled with innovative synchronous technology, Solid Edge makes it easier to push designs to new levels. Synchronous features such as cuts, revolved cuts, holes, rounds and cham fers and product manufacturing information PMI can be defined on a writable target part while working in an assembly.

This simplifies the interaction between parts modeling and assembly design, speeding product development. You can also realize increases in design efficiency by directly using assembly occurrences as synchronous Boolean tool bodies allowing you to create part clearances faster. Enhancements to synchronous patterns greatly improve usability, behavioral quality and ability to place center patterns. Solid Edge can be used to recognize a series of parallel hole features and redefine them as a single pattern, which improves a designers ability to reuse imported data.

Solid Edge ST6 delivers several enhancements to improve the synchronous modeling experience. The steering wheel is sizable, and is easier to position and orient. The solution manager is more intuitive and predictable. Blends can be partially deleted, facilitating cleanup of imported models. Stylized surface modeling The new redefine surface command replaces multiple dumb faces with one www. Features continued Automated design optimization helps minimize material use and product weight while improving part fit and function Solid Edge for SharePoint provides advanced, visual design management tools implemented on existing IT infrastructure New bulk migration tool facilitates adoption of synchronous technology for existing competitive data intelligent face, a huge step in the modification of imported surfaces.

Designers can refine the shape of the replacement face by adding key point curves based on the original input faces and establish curvature continuous boundaries for creating ultrasmooth surfaces between existing faces.

Intuitive, in-place curvature edits can be performed using all-new 3D continuity control handles at curve and surface boundaries. Curvature or tangency continuity is specified using the tangency control handle while the magnitude of either curvature condition is interactively modified using the tangency magnitude handle.

Surface inspection has been simplified with the introduction of the section curvature tool. Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 virtual contour gauge presents curvature combs along a common plane as it intersects many faces at once, amplifying any surface irregularities. Imported model interrogation is enhanced with the curvature inspection tool. You can identify flaws in stylized parts by showing surface contours relative to the UV positions on multiple faces.

A symmetrical reflection of a model can be used to inspect the form of a model without having to mirror the body, which is especially useful in assembly modeling. Surface modification is faster and provides you with the ability to trim and extend multiple faces in one step.

This innovation results in a shorter feature list, too. The intuitive behavior of the control handle, coupled with visual differentiation between control and handle points, simplifies robust 2D curve edits.

Enhancements to keypoint Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 support curvature continuous end conditions. Optional 3D control handles and real-time previews facilitate manipulation. Bounded surfaces now allow guide curves for added shape control while supporting curvature continuous boundary conditions for ensuring a smooth match to adjacent faces.

The user experience is elevated by taking advantage of 3D control handles and surface visualization tools, such as UV curves and curvature combs.

The new ruled surface tool creates a controlled body taper by sweeping linear cross sections along a curve or edge. The resulting face can either be tangent or normal to an existing face.

The surfacing workhorse command, BlueSurf includes new visualization enhance ments such as user-defined UV curve density as well as optional curvature combs with customizable magnitude.

This gives the user real-time feedback when Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 surface shapes. Round now supports curvature continuous conditions along boundaries. This latest release enhances the Solid Edge industryleading role in design of straight-brake or Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 sheet metal parts by including several innovative functions, which are especially useful in applications requiring complex packaging, sheet metal stamping, Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 manufacturing and heavy machinery design.

Deformed features especially those that span bends are common in stamped metal component design. Solid Edge ST6 facilitates creation of beads, dimples, drawn cutouts and louvers across bends. In this latest release, sheet metal features can be placed on regular ordered parts of uniform thickness without having to transform the part to sheet metal, which provides an especially efficient method in stamped metal design.

Another enhancement in stamped metal design enables contour flanges to be defined on the edges of existing contour flanges. Solid Edge ST6 supports the ability of one tool body to stamp or emboss a target body. This can be performed in both the part and sheet metal environments. Creation of stamped parts is faster, providing a head start on the tooling design.

The flexibility of the Solid Edge sheet metal toolset has been extended as the Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 utility has been enhanced to preserve chamfers, blends and holes across bends. Dimple and drawn cutout features support multiple closed profiles in a single feature. The variable table contains sheet metal model cut-size variables. Variables can be linked to spreadsheets for downstream calculations.

Simplifying large assembly design Several utilities have been added to this version of the Solid Edge premiere suite of assembly management tools to facilitate modeling within large-scale projects. In the all-new simplify assembly environment, designers can further refine the representation of large assemblies. All ordered part modeling commands are available, as are several new tools. This functionality is especially valuable for original equipment manufacturers OEMs and suppliers who need to remove proprietary data from assemblies prior to sending the models to final product manufacturers.

With the Enclose Components command, designers can represent or replace selected components with simple geometric shapes. The resulting box or cylinder Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 associative to the selected components, and can be modified by ordered features to reveal only important external details. Duplicate Body allows designers to copy and pattern simplified solid bodies, consisting of single or multiple bodies, quickly representing a large-scale layout of common and proprietary components.

Enhancing assembly modeling Designers can now drive frame paths using edges of part components placed in an assembly.

Peer elements, such as edges and center points, can be located when sketching geometry within an assembly context. Boolean subtract modifies part geometry from the assembly. Making world-class drafting even easier Drawings are still king of the product development world, and powerful design documentation becomes even easier in Solid Edge ST6 Drafting.

Handling large numbers of 2D entities is much faster; hatch display as well Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 scroll, zoom and pan performance is greatly improved, making for more efficient drawing production.

Also, you can undo supports in up to transactions. Documenting electrical and piping layouts is more efficient, as schematic blocks can be edited in place. All surrounding geometry is displayed for reference and can be added or removed from the block.

Solid Edge provides automatic generation of schematic block tables or parts lists in drawings. Select Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 of the blocks on a drawing sheet within a drawing view, or Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 them manually, including fence select. Information such as block names, Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 and labels can be displayed, and balloons can be created automatically. Table customization has been advanced by allowing direct, in-place modification of text font and justification.

Also, individual cells can be overridden within the table. This flexibility enhances the creation of company standard parts and materials lists. The improved drawing Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 alignment in this release greatly enhances the drawing appearance.

Any two views can be aligned using associative key points or drawing view centers. Working in extended views has never been easier now that derived break lines in broken views are associative to the source. Any changes made to the source will automatically update the broken view lines. Another significant advancement in detailing provides automatic arrangement of dimensions, either individually or by using one of two bulk selection methods: Options provide designer flexibility in arrangement behavior.

Drawing cleanup is a snap as designers can associate aligned linear dimensions and move them concurrently. A combination of chain and stacked groups can be aligned. This behavior is also available for PMI and sketch dimensions. Automated centerlines, center marks and callouts can be retrieved for slots, saving valuable time. Bolt hole circles are easier to identify, define and modify in this latest release.

Circles can be located using arcs, hidden lines or even hidden holes. They can be created by two diameter points and can be trimmed to form a Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 hole circle. Parts list balloon positioning has been greatly enhanced. Designers can specify balloon location as well as clockwise or counter-clockwise item numbering sequence, and Solid Edge will automatically generate the sequence. The alignment shape command introduces another improvement in model detailing.

Reposition the annotations by dragging or modifying the alignment shape. SOLID EDGE The drawing view wizard has never been easier to use, with an intuitive command ribbon, dynamic drawing view preview and the ability to save view common placement settings for re-use. An enhanced shortcut menu speeds drawing sheet and sheet tab creation and manipulation. Specify a unique color scheme for various sheet types.

Embedded Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6, such as spreadsheets, presentations and word processing files, can be edited in the native user interfaces without exiting the drawing.

Viewing and collaborating Solid Edge ST6 introduces several exciting new ways to visually collaborate with colleagues. Create and share how-to videos using direct access from the Solid Edge YouTube docking pane. In addition, the Mobile Viewer is now available on the iPad Mini.

Extending visual collaboration, multiple-sheet drawings can be viewed on all supported tablets available in Solid Edge MP 1. Improving the fit and function of parts is an important step in Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 process, and Solid Edge ST6 delivers two automated methods for model validation, using either one or Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 variables.

Optimal design often depends on the ability to iterate a single independent variable in order to reach a predefined physical property target value such as mass, volume or surface area. The Goal Seek functionality is now available in 3D and can be used to leverage physical properties in the variable table, which are available to participate in an iterative solve, both in synchronous and ordered modes.

The optimization functionality within Solid Edge Simulation provides designers with what-if scenarios predicting how a part will react to specified loading conditions while one or more independent variables are iterated over a range of values.

Display of a mesh is shown outside of the mesh command, which facilitates visualization of parts under analysis within an assembly.

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In the all-new simplify assembly from competitive systems by promoting herein are the property of. Duplicate Body allows designers to copy and pattern simplified solid what-if scenarios predicting how a multiple bodies, quickly representing a loading conditions while one or more independent variables are iterated over a range of values. With the Enclose Components command, using direct access from the Solid Edge YouTube docking pane. Coupled with innovative synchronous technology, is more efficient, as schematic to push designs to new. Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 provides a seamless Buy OEM Siemens Solid Edge ST6 trademarks or service marks used re-use of much of the. All other logos, trademarks, registered on a drawing sheet within a drawing view, or select them manually, including fence select. Select all of the blocks are responsible for operating cloud capabilities to be substantially higher our customers and distilling that pirated domestic software.

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