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Reviews 3 Autodesk Feature CAM is extremely powerful software, which helps automate the workflow, starting with design and ending with NC code.

The application seriously reduces the development time and helps produce great achievements for CNC milling, turning and wire applications. Of course, the latest version comprises many enhancements and improvements. So, among new features we can mention the following ones: The new option contains feature identification and automation instruments that help decrease the programming time.

The feature helps visualize safe toolpaths with simulation for a great number of CNC machines. The new option allows importing and viewing manufacturing and product information just from the model.

This feature includes text annotations, surface finish, material characteristics and geometric tolerances and dimensions. With the release of the new version users received an opportunity to use drilled holes as the entry move for Vortex toolpaths. This feature helps decrease the development time and removes the necessity to use special instruments. The application received unique programming technical options for dual path Swiss-type lathes.

Now, specialists can use automatic instrument mapping, superposition, double-ended drilling and simulate sliding stock motion. As all new features, the feature seriously helps reduce the time needed for programming operations and lets designers improve their productivity.

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Buy OEM Autodesk Revit LT 2017

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