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Update and Mondo Patch: You only need to download the most recent release to update Quicken. If it's a lower number than the release here listed in the Release Notes section below , you need to update. If you encounter an issue while trying to download and install the patch through One Step Update, you can obtain the patch through the corresponding link below. If you reinstall Quicken, make sure you've installed the latest patch release before opening your data file; otherwise, you'll be unable to use online services.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update. Release Notes Release R Added the ability to validate online bills through a new menu. Validating online bills ensures that bills are properly set up and speeds up the process of Quicken updating your bills.

Created a video walkthrough for adding an account. Replaced outdated error-reporting tool. An issue in which the Summary column in the Budget view was calculated improperly when subcategories were not included in the budget. An issue in which the total payment amount and minimum payment amount values switched after updating linked online bills.

An issue in which linked bill reminders were sometimes displaying as deposit reminders. An issue in which an "Invalid id 0 for parameter coa. An issue in which bill reminders were not linking properly when users attempted to link a reminder again after unlinking the reminder.

An issue in which the Spending Trend window had a date range mismatch. An issue in which some Quicken folders and files were not deleted after deselecting the Delete Quicken. An issue that resulted in an added account being listed as unknown. In this case, Bill Pay would not advance to the next reminder.

Several issues related to unexpected crashes. Several issues with One Step Update including an issue in which users were prompted to run One Step Update multiple times when attempting to exit Quicken.

Several user interface or text issues. Release R We replaced an outdated problem reporting tool. We cleaned up the One Step Update Summary screen for better display of errors and other information.

Capital One has changed the way you access your accounts through Quicken. For more information about what to expect with this change, please see this FAQ. An issue causing subscription expiration notices to appear when there was a problem connecting to the subscription service. We simplified the new budget setup process. You now have the option to select the categories you wish to budget and set the budget amounts up front, rather than starting with a pre-selected budget based on your past spending.

We simplified the setup process for new users by automatically assigning them the preference of Download transactions when Quicken starts. Users can toggle between the two columns. An issue where editing a transaction while the register is sorted in descending date order could create a duplicate transaction. An issue where Quicken always launched on the primary monitor.

An issue where reminders that had transfers to liability accounts within a split would not display in the liability account register even when reminders were turned on. An issue where scheduled loan reminders could display the entire loan amount when viewed in the liability account register instead of just the principal amount.

An issue with multi-monitor displays in which drop-down lists, calendars, and other elements did not appear in the correct locations. An issue in which the Cash Flow report was showing incorrect numbers when transfers and subtotal by payee were included. Multiple issues related to syncing budgets to Quicken web and mobile. If you encounter a problem while attempting to download the Mondo Patch, please contact Quicken Support.

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