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It states that the license is "forever subscription" or "lifetime". As stated in the eBay ad, Microsoft contacted me via email with an email address and password to activate my account. All went well and exactly as described in the eBay advertisment. I activated it and have already installed Microsoft Office on 2 Windows computers. I logged into "my account" then clicked on "subscriptions", my license is apparently "Office Education Plus for students" When I go into OneDrive I Buy cheap Office Home and Business 2017 at the top of the page it states "OneDrive Galileo School for Gifted Learning" So I believe my suspiciously cheap Office subscription is from this school. So my questions are Have I bought a legitimate Buy cheap Office Home and Business 2017 of Office ? Can this school access my OneDrive documents? Is it true that my "forever subscription" is really forever? If it's not forever how long may my Office and OneDrive subscription last for? Is there anything else of concern that I have not considered?

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Aug 13, - ROFL) confirms that "Office Professional Plus and Office Home and Business are no longer available". you'll now be offered a 30 per cent discount on a subscription instead - and that discount will carry Well, at the moment, there's no change - Office standalone is still available to buy. Sep 27, - That means that there are now three versions of Microsoft Office out in the for the “Home and Student” version), as Microsoft already boosted the price . primarily towards private users and businesses who do not have the. Nov 1, - buy microsoft office prices deals cheapest at. Office for Business the cheapest option for Office is the 'Home & Student' Edition. Sep 25, - You make a one time purchase, and you get to keep on using it as long as you The consumer version, Office Home & Business , isn't.

Buy cheap Office Home and Business 2017



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