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These include the function "Remove-Calendar Events" and "Add-Mailbox Folder Permission", which is used to assign delegation permissions. This makes search information and search indices part of the mailbox databases. In addition to the old search, the support for Unified Messaging is eliminated, so that the software's voice mail functionality now works via Cloud Voice Mail.

Accordingly, the use of Skype for Business or Office is required. More power for higher demands The fact that large companies in particular are buying Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise is due to the traditional support of particularly high-performance server systems.

In the current version, Microsoft takes this need into account and extends the maximum supported memory from GB to GB. Furthermore, is the performance adjustment in terms of CPU performance. Here Exchange Server scores with a doubling of the maximum supported processors from 24 to Additionally, in direct operation perceptible performance optimization ensures the full support of SSD drives as a cache.

You can also purchase an External Connector license. However, you do not need CALs for Up to two devices or users to access the server software only to administer those instances Any user or device that accesses your instances of the server software without being directly or indirectly authenticated by Active Directory Standard CALs For both the Standard and Enterprise editions of Exchange Server, the Standard device or user CALs authorize one user or device to access Exchange Server.

These features include integrated archiving, in-place hold, data loss prevention, and unified messaging features. For a complete list, see the Exchange Server Licensing page Enterprise CALs do not need to be requested for users or devices that do not need to access these additional features. You can use Software Assurance to upgrade Exchange Server and associated licenses to any version released during the two years your Software Assurance is in effect.

The actual upgrade does not have to take place within those two years. You can upgrade at any time in the future, as long as Microsoft still makes the new version available to users. You cannot, however, upgrade to versions that Microsoft releases after your Software Assurance expires.

Downgrading You can downgrade Exchange Server to any version that Microsoft continues to make available at its Volume Licensing Service Center website on your organization's Licensed Downloads page. Downgrading does not depend on Software Assurance; it is a benefit of Volume Licensing.

CALs obtained through TechSoup will work with the downgraded version. Related Content.


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