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Compelling photorealistic renderings - Visualize your product with high-resolution imagery. Use curve-based tools, direct modeling, and more. Customized clutch keys - Define clutch key assignments. Shading in clay - Temporarily change your shaders to a clay material. When you're finished, your model goes back to Buy Alias AutoStudio 2018 mac original form. Improved color assignment for layers - Random custom color assignments for layers and layer folders. Intelligent form factor capability - Define ratios with Form Factor tools. Isophotes for surface flow - Reveal design motion and underlying shape—for example, the movement of sand or the shape of snow on a mountain. Rendering and material management - Use real-time raytracing and assign materials directly within Alias. Mesh-like modeling for 3D sculpting - Use push-and-pull techniques to conceptualize models—without needing to develop spline surfaces. Nondestructive detailing - Cut, separate, and add detail to your design without affecting the sculpted form. Interoperability with other tools - Interoperability helps streamline operations with other products used in the design process, such as cutters, meshers, and more. Fast Buy Alias AutoStudio 2018 mac modeling overview - Walk through a fast concept model workflow, from sketch to final concept model.

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